• Project Type: Streetscape-Urban Redevelopment
  • Client: Ortega Historic Society
  • Services: Planning, Design, Permitting, Construction Administration

Consensus building is always complex; the integration of multiple stake holders and their various wants and needs can be difficult.  Burke Design approaches this challenge with an open forum encouraging calm and logical debates that lead to greater understanding of the  stake holders group’s issues and gain community consensus.

Located in the Historic Ortega Area of Jacksonville FL, Brian Burke was project manager and designer for this renovation of a three square block community hamlet. Design solution focused on integrating   traffic pattern modification, integrated design for pedestrian, bike and automobile, storm water design, designs for streetscape and building façade modifications, lighting safety and landscaping. Services provided included charrett design forum, design for all street and site components, permitting, cost benefit analysis and funding strategies. Program elements included renovated sidewalks, signage, reconfigured parking, street lighting, landscaping, and irrigation. Burke co-led City and community meetings, coordinated with key public works, and other City personnel, was responsible for all presentation graphics and the presentation process, worked in special sessions and individually with local businesses related to parking, storefront merchandising and maintaining historical context related to the village.